Automatic email notifications

Excluding taxes

To inform a client that you have published a new file for him, or to get notified when he downloads an invoice, Notifications for WP Customer Area is the add-on to do the job.

Some events in your private area trigger an email to the appropriate users… avoids some useless phone calls.

  • Notify a client when you publish new private content for him;
  • Get notified when a user downloads a file for the first time;
  • Customize all the notifications that are sent.

Notifications is the add-on which will save your time.


Personal license

  • Use it for a lifetime
  • Deploy on a single website
  • Get free updates for 1 year

Professional license

  • Use it for a lifetime
  • Deploy on up to 5 websites
  • Get free updates for 1 year

Developer license

  • Use it for a lifetime
  • Deploy anywhere: unlimited websites
  • Get free updates for 1 year

More information


What happened to my account on

As you have noticed, we have a brand new website dedicated to WP Customer Area and thus we have also moved the whole shop to this new website. Because there have been a lot of updates and improvements to the shop, we have not been able to migrate automatically the existing accounts and purchases.

In order for us to migrate your former account, please simply send us an email at, including the following details:

  • Date of purchase
  • Email address linked to the purchase
  • Receipt ID

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Where can I download the latest version for my extensions?

Once an update is available, a warning will be displayed in the WordPress administration as well as any other installed extension. However, if for some reason, the update did not work, you can always get the latest versions from your customer account. For more information, see the guide about updating WP Customer Area.

Technical questions

After updating the main plugin, something is not working anymore

WP Customer Area is a complex plugin. When updating it, you must follow our update procedure in order to avoid any problems. Usually you have made the following mistakes:

  • You did not deactivate and then activate the plugin again. Which could lead to several messages displayed on your admin pages
  • You updated the main plugin but you did not update the add-ons. Which often leads at best to something not working properly, at worst, a PHP error message or a white screen

  • Relationship with customer is very important to any company. An area where clients can download their invoices or private documents is a convenient way to encourage them to regularly visit your website and build the trust they have in the company.

  • WP Customer Area and a few add-ons can be used to easily build a very useful platform for teachers, students and staff members to exchange documents and private messages.

Language Version Author Published
de_DE — Deutsch (Germany) 2.1.1 Benjamin Oechsler

October 10, 2013
nl_NL — Nederlands (Holland) 5.0.0 LYDesign April 16, 2015
nl_NL — Nederlands (Holland) 4.1.0 Peter Massar

July 31, 2014
pt_BR — Português (Brazil) 5.0.0 Dennis Franck

April 21, 2015

5.0.0 (2015/02/17)

New: Support for Customer Area 6

4.1.0 (2014/06/17)

New: Compatibility with Customer Area 5

4.0.1 (2014/04/17)

New: Add support for hook discovery New: Support for template versionning

4.0.0 (2014/02/15)

Compatibility with Customer Area 4 Removed the "post not published" error message shown even if the checkbox is not ticked when creating a post Added a way to check the notification checkbox by default on posts

function my_check_notification_by_default() { return 'checked="checked"'; } add_filter( 'cuar/notifications/send-notification-meta-box/default-checkbox-value', 'my_check_notification_by_default' );

3.1.0 (2013/12/05)

Added a notification to administrators when a new private content is published

3.0.3 (2013/11/01)

Fixed: author of a reply should not get the notification of his own reply

3.0.2 (2013/10/27)

Fixed: author of a conversation was not notified on a new reply

3.0.1 (2013/10/23)

Added support for notifications about the new conversations add-on (new conversation, new reply) Reworked the settings page to make it easier to customize your notifications

2.1.1 (2013/09/03)

Fixed bug while saving settings Fixed typo in default new private file notification

2.1.0 (2013/06/26)

Added support for new collaboration add-on (notification when private content is held for moderation)

2.0.1 (2013/05/31)

Added some placeholders to the private file download notification Simplified the options for the new private post notification (same for files and pages) Compatibility with Customer Area 2.0.1

1.1.0 (2013/05/17)

Fixed automatic updates Support for private pages

1.0.0 (2013/05/02)

First plugin release Notify a customer when you update a new file for him Get notified when a customer downloads his file (only the first time, or each time)