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    I want add recaptcha in my registered page. i want a clear documentation of it

    Vincent Mimoun-Prat
    Admin bbPress


    Our add-ons do not provide that feature.

    You will need to try a few plugins from and see which one is compatible with WP Customer Area and provides the features you require.




    I am looking to do the same. Did you find any plugins that worked well? Please let me know what you found out.

    All the best.

    Vincent Mimoun-Prat
    Admin bbPress


    Some time back, a few users reported that Really simple captcha plugin was working. No feedback regarding Google Recaptcha plugins though.


    Thomas Lartaud
    Admin bbPress


    The next release coming up tomorrow will include a new way to disable CSS resets, and so, allow you to include any third plugin into the area.

    Just stay tuned to the blog or to our Twitter account, I’ll explain the process to disable the CSS resets.

    Basically, you’ll just need to update the plugin and add this piece of code somewhere in your functions.php file

    function custom_cuar_disable_css_resets($classes)
      $classes[] = 'cuar-disable-css-resets';
      return $classes;
    add_filter('body_class', 'custom_cuar_disable_css_resets');

    Then you’ll be able to insert any third plugin into the area. However, some graphic CSS issues from your theme may appear and should manually be fixed.


5 sujets de 1 à 5 (sur un total de 5)
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