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    Hello staff!

    We have some questions about the use and customization of addons

    List of downloads:
    when the customer navigates in his own reserved area> goes to the file category >> here you can view a list of files with the direct download link? we would like to display a list with the title + links to the attachments .. is it possible to do so? what is the cost for this customization?

    Menu and file categories:
    The administrator creates different categories and sub-categories for the files (up to the 3rd or 4th level)> when we create the navigation menu for the user and add the tree of the categories and sub-categories, the menu only displays the first sub-category and doesn’t go any further … why is there any limit? how can all the sub-categories of files that are added to the menu be displayed? We use “PORTO wp theme”

    Sorting files
    in the file categories, is it possible to insert a sort filter? You can sort files by date, name … ect. How can it be done? How much does this customization cost?

    User roles
    Is your plugin in general compatible with other role management plugins? example WP USER ROLES (we need to limit the functionality of the board of administrator)

    Multiple users accessing the same shared area:
    We need an addon that allows you to combine multiple email accounts with the same workgroup, so that these people can log in separately and interact. In your list of addons we have seen here:
    Can you confirm that the administrator can send files to group users (or individually) .. and therefore more people (users) can participate simultaneously in the same group?

    Thanks for your time


    Vincent Mimoun-Prat
    Admin bbPress


    We currently have no availability for project work, so you would have to contact a WP developer in your area to get a quote.

    Here are however answers to your questions:

    ## List of downloads

    Yes, you can use our template system to do that. It will allow to show the list in any way you want.

    ## Menu and file categories

    This is a limitation on how many nested levels we wanted to include in the navigation menu. We decided that 1 nesting level was good, and more than that would hurt UX.

    You can however change that if you want by using the template system to output your own menu.

    ## Sorting files

    This should be possible by including your own links in the page via our template system + customizing the query used to fetch content via a hook (see that code snippet:

    ## User roles

    Yes, if that plugin uses the core WordPress roles and capabilities

    ## Multiple users accessing the same shared area

    You should start with additional owner types add-on, that should be better for what you want to do.



    Enhanced files

    I have added ‘Enhanced files’ addon but didn’t get the setting of icon packs in admin panel.

    How can i change the icons

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    Thomas Lartaud
    Admin bbPress


    – Activate the add-on
    – Choose the appopriate icon pack in Settings -> WP Customer Area -> Private Files


4 sujets de 1 à 4 (sur un total de 4)
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