Where are your themes?

    • applestalk
      # il y a 5 mois et 3 semaines

      My client is interested in using your plugin but it doesn’t work with the theme developer I normally use (YOOtheme), so, I figure I’ll use one of your themes or recommended themes but I can’t find any.

      You don’t even look to have a default theme.

    • Vincent Mimoun-Prat
      Maître des clés
      # il y a 5 mois et 3 semaines


      We do not have any theme on our own.

      We have WP Customer Area / Themes / wpca-twenty-twelve · GitLab which is a fork of the default WordPress theme « Twenty Twelve » to add some demonstration code for theme developers.

      Usually getting a theme to work with our plugin is not really a big deal. What is not working with your usual theme?

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