Disable default sidebar

Some Customer Area pages allow sidebars and when those sidebars are empty, some pages display default widgets.

In case you don’t want to show these default widgets, you can include this simple snippet inside your theme’s functions.php file or inside your Customer Area skin’s cuar-functions.php file.

function cuar_disable_default_sidebar( $is_enabled ) {
  return false;
$page_slugs = array('customer-conversations', 'customer-private-files', 'customer-private-pages');
foreach ($page_slugs as $page_slug) {
  add_filter( 'cuar/core/page/enable-default-sidebar?slug=' . $page_slug, 'cuar_disable_default_sidebar' );

In the above code, $page_slugs is an array of all the slugs of each page on which you want to disable the default sidebar. You can find a list of all pages and their respective slugs inside the status page of Customer Area, in the “Pages” tab.