WordCamp Paris 2016 give away

25 January 2016

For the second time since we created the plugin, we are really proud to be able to afford a sponsorship to a WordPress event.

After the WPMX Day back in June 2015, we are happy to sponsor the WordCamp event to be held in Paris on February 5-6, 2016.

As many late go-ers have noticed, tickets are sold out, but fear not, we are organizing a small contest to win a 2-day pass to the event ! To join, this is very simple, you will simply need to:

  1. Follow our Twitter account:
  2. Send the following tweet:

The winner will be announced on Friday 29th, 2016 and will be sent a 2-day pass to enter the WordCamp Paris event 2016. Be fair, play only if you actually plan to attend the event.