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    Expected Behavior
    Describe what you are trying to do or what you expect to get.

    {Attach a series of documents in the private archives area, creating in the WP Customer Area User Area panel as shown in your documentation, I want that page to be displayed with the design of the desktop page and as the page of my files. Or at least I have the options my wordpress theme allows me to edit the single post. Attached sample image.}

    Current Behavior
    Describe the behaviour you got instead of the expected result.

    {What I obtained by performing this procedure is that the design of that page for downloading private documents, takes the characteristics of the single post template of my wordpress theme without the opportunity to modify it to my liking as my theme does. Attached sample image.}

    Possible Solution
    If you found one, describe your fix/workaround.

    {The solution that I see possible is to create a shortcode of that document download module to paste it into the template of my wordpress page and thus it would take the design of the Desktop pages and the My Files page of WP Customer Area, but that brings consequently, modify the references when the document download page opens on the My Files page. Another would be to give the single post customization options when the private file is created. I see some of these solutions as possible, but I don’t know how to do it!.}

    Steps to Reproduce
    List the steps necessary to reproduce your problem

    1. {write here…}
    2. {write here…}
    3. {write here…}

    Context (Environment)
    Fill-in some details about your setup

    1. WordPress version: {5.3.2}
    2. WP Customer Area version: {7.8.6}
    3. Related add-ons versions: {Enhanced Files, Version 2.1.1}
    Thomas Lartaud

    There is a really simpler solution.

    Copy the page.php template file from your theme to your child theme folder and rename it cuar.php
    This file will be used for all WPCA pages, so you can edit the templates until it matches your needs.

    More information about this is available in our theme development documentation.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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