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    Hi there,

    Have a problem with sending notifications. When assigning a file to a client, check the box to be notified but it does not arrive. The WP Customer Area log shows that the email has been sent, but the customer does not have it in their inbox or spam. I have tried it with various test accounts I have (Gmail, Outlook and Exchange) and it doesn’t work.

    However, the new user registration emails or password change or mailchimp if they reach them, therefore it is a problem of the WP Customer Area Plugin.

    I have checked the Office 365 mail flow and I can see all the emails that are sent (logs, password changes, mailchimp, etc), but the notifications don’t appear.

    The plugin I use is WP Mail SMTP.

    It is the problem of the Wp Customer Area or Notifications plugin and I need it to be solved. I do not know if there will be any error in the code, but what I am clear about is that the email message, although in the wp customer area log it appears that it has been sent, is not, because I check in the Office 365 mail flow that those emails are not, therefore they are not being sent.

    It is also not a problem with the SMTP configuration because other services do work correctly for me.

    I have seen that there are many threads with problems with notifications.

    I need it resolved.

    Thank you



    The plugin is using the wp_mail function internally, which is the function provided by WordPress itself. So if our plugin logs that the email has been sent, that means it properly called the WordPress function to send the email.

    My guess is that the email does not get sent by the wp_mail function. We would need to discover why it works in other areas and not with our plugin.

    Have you tried another SMTP plugin?

    Do you have logs from the SMTP server?

    Have you tried a separate mail log plugin like WP Mail Logging?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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