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    Expected Behavior
    Describe what you are trying to do or what you expect to get.

    Receive an email with the link to access the form to change the user’s password

    Current Behavior
    Describe the behaviour you got instead of the expected result.

    Users do not receive the email

    Possible Solution
    If you found one, describe your fix/workaround.

    Steps to Reproduce
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    Context (Environment)
    Fill-in some details about your setup

    1. WordPress version: 5.3.2
    2. WP Customer Area version: 7.8.6
    3. Related add-ons versions: WP Customer Area – Authentication Forms: 5.1.3
    Thomas Lartaud


    WP Customer Area uses the standard core registration system. Our plugin is not handling those emails, WP does.

    You can probably install the Email Log plugin that should confirm if the mail is sent or not.
    If the email is shown as sent, your issue might be a server issue.



    Hi Thomas,

    Thank you for your response. How come users get the notification emails, but not the password change email. What could it be? Can you give me a hint? The Email Log does not record password recovery emails.

    Thank You

    Thomas Lartaud


    Does it also happen if you deactivate the authentication forms add-on?
    Also, I think that you might need to check for a plugin conflict.

    You could also use the Email Logs plugin from the wp.org repository to check outgoing emails.
    You can also check the following page to see all outgoing notifications from WP Customer Area (especially if you have the notifications add-on enabled).


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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