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    I have to create a system with a paid subscription and a reserved area to download the contents. Each registered user will have his personal area with his own files and texts customized for him.
    I need to create a personal trainer “crm” system who has to give different specific information for each user

    1. how the user purchase a subscription/membership (need woocommerce?) and need this or this ?

    2. after user purchase a monthly subscription plan he will have to access his personal and unique area

    3. only admin can add file and text to a specific user (specific training, specific diet, advice, etc..)

    4. invoices and renewal will have to be created automatically (invoices are created by woocommerce or wp-customerarea addon?)




    Sorry we cannot advise on WooCommerce as we do not know it enough.

    You can try our plugin for free and see if you can come up with a satisfying setup which suits your needs.

    Do not hesitate to come back with more specific questions if you have any.



    can you answer the other questions? (2,3,4,)


    2. You will need an external subscription plugin (like WP eMembers for instance). Then you need to integrate that plugin with WP Customer Area. You can check all that using our free base plugin.

    3. that can be done with the free plugin already.

    4. you can use our invoicing addon BUT it does not support recurring invoices. So you need to manually create an invoice every month for instance

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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