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    I don’t know if I did this correctly, but here’s the problem:

    Front-End Publishing addon doesn’t have a translation to Portuguese. So I dowloaded the file in Spanish from

    then I translated it to Portuguese.

    The file I downloaded (the one in Spanish) was named cuarco-es_ES. So, after translation to portuguese, I renamed it cuarco-pt_PT.

    When I saved it to my Desktop, it generated a .mo file.

    Then, via FTP, I put these two files (cuarco-pt_PT.po and in the following folder:

    However, this does not seem to change anything.

    What did I did wrong, and how can I fix it, please?

    Thank you.



    Maybe those texts are part of the main plugin translations. Have you also translated the main plugin?

    Have a nice day!

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    Hi, Vincent

    I`m not sure, because there are many parts of the main plugin that are already in Portuguese.

    However, I don`t know if this is due to the Language Settings in WP already being in Portuguese.

    I know the main plugin has a Portuguese translation, but I don`t know if it was installed it by default.

    So, if you could help me with two things, please:

    1 – I don`t know where I could find the .po files for the main plugin to download it. In the git repo, what is the main plugin (there are so many options there)?

    2 – and, what is the preffix for the main plugin (like cuarco is for the front-office publishing), so I can see if it is already installed?

    Thank you for your help


    You can scroll down to our documentation page[/url] for docs about translations.

    1. Visit

    You can see there that the main plugin is translated for 33% for portuguese PT and 74% for portuguese BR.

    I have attached the PO file. You can send it back when done, I can upload it then to the main plugin repo.

    2. prefix is “cuar”

    Have a nice day!

    Please, write a review on ๐Ÿ˜‰


    You can also help translating the plugin there:

    Have a nice day!

    Please, write a review on ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Sorry, Vincent

    I did what you told, but it still not working

    I have downloaded the file, translated a few Strings – including the ones I needed – then upload it via FTP, but nothing has changed.

    In my previous post, I said I had upload the .po and .mo files to wp-content/customer-area/languages, but in fact, that folder did not existed. I got confused and uploaded to wp-content/languages.

    The only folder under wp-content/customer-area/ was “storage” ( wp-content/customer-area/storage) .

    So, this time I created the languages folder inside ( wp-content/customer-area/languages), and put it all .po .mo files in there, as well as updated the files in wp-content/languages.

    But it did not changed anything, either.

    I even made a test, by making sure all instances of the word “biography” was translated in all files inside all the folders I described above, but as you can see from the Picture, the word remains in English.

    I don’t know what else to do. Could you please help me? Thank you.


    Nevermind. This is what I did to fix it:

    1 – Uninstalled both the main plugin and the front-office add-on.
    2 – Reinstalled both
    3 – went to wp-content/plugins/customer-area/languages and found the cuar-pt_BR files
    4 – Edited those files (these are for the main plugin)
    5 – Went to wp-content/plugins/customer-area-collaboration/languages and found the Spanish translation
    6 – Translated it to Portuguese and the issues in my first post were solved

    It appears that I messed up the folders previously, because there were no wp-content/customer-area/languages

    Anyway, thanks for the help

    Thomas Lartaud


    wp-content/plugins/customer-area/languages and found the cuar-pt_BR files. Edited those files

    No, really bad way. Never edit any plugin file or you’ll lose your modifications on the next plugin update.

    So, this time I created the languages folder inside ( wp-content/customer-area/languages)

    But I assume that this means you copied it into the appropriate folder ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m glad that you fix your issue, but I will work on our translation system and will check if everything is working correctly and if the doc needs to be updated.


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