Notificaciones de comentarios con el complemento notificaciones

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      Con el complemento notificaciones aparecen correctamente las notificaciones por correo electrónico a los usuarios cuando se hace cualquier gestión de contenido, ya sea subir un archivo privado, crear una pagina, asignar un nuevo usuario para un archivo , descargar contenido.. Excepto cuando se agregan comentarios a un archivo compartido entre dos usuarios previamente avisados por correo electrónico. ¿Cómo se puede solucionar esto? He configurado previamente el mensaje de correo electrónico que va a llegarle para avisarle de que hay un comentario en su área privada.

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      We do not recommend to use comments even if it is technically possible.

      Indeed, comments on private content can find their way in many areas we do not control (like RSS feeds, comments widgets, etc.) and thus can lead to confidentiality issues.

      That is why currently there are no notifications for comments.

      If you want to enable discussions between users, we recommend usage of the « conversations add-on » which will work as expected with all other add-ons and keep everything private.


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      We prefer to use the comments even if they are not 100% secure, since it is the system that best fits us with the characteristics of the project.

      The notifications add-on includes a comment notifications section, but it doesn’t work properly and doesn’t send the notifications.

      How can we make it work?


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      I have not forgotten you but we are currently under a heavy load of work. We will investigate this issue next week.


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      We need a solution as soon as possible.

      We have the client waiting to get the website up and running with your plugin and that is why we contracted with you.

      We appreciate your help as soon as you can provide it to us.

      Thank you very much, best regards.

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      We have not yet received a response to this issue.

      Can you tell us a solution?

      Thank you

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