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    I have purchaised the Front-Office Publishing add on, the professional license (Deploy on up to 5 websites). In one of my website it works fine, but in another one it seems that is all like in the other one but the add on doesn’t work.

    When I log in, in the front office part, it doesn’t make me create file and pages.
    The settings are the same that in the other website, so I don’t understang why it dosen’t work the same.

    Thomas Lartaud


    – Deactivate / reactivate WPCA plugins
    – Make sure you don’t have any warning in Customer Area -> Status
    – Make sure permissions are properly set in Settings -> WP Customer Area -> Capabilities

    I hope that helps,



    I have tried to deactivate/reactivate WPCA plugins, I have checked and I don’t have any warning and it’s all like in the other website.
    It still doesn’t work.


    Can you check the capabilities / permissions on the website where it is not working ? (in the plugin settings)


    I haved checked the capabilities in the two websites I have checked the same permissions to be sure it wasn’t a problem



    Have you also checked that the menu contains the right pages (from Admin > Appearance > Menus > WP Customer Area)

    Also make sure in the plugin status page that you have no warning there.


    Thank you! That was the problem!!! I didn’t noticed that it hasn’t add the pages in the WPCostumer Menù

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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