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    Hi all!

    I’ve installed a dedicated site for WP Customer Area with TwentyTwelve+ theme.

    I need to use Quiz Maker Plugin, but the test added in the private page have a strange apparence, due a style incompatibility I think.

    Could you help me, please?.

    Thanks for all.


    Hi Vincent

    You were absolutely right, and I think the article you propose is exactly what will solve all the appearance problems I have experienced.

    But I’ve tried to apply the solution in my environment, and I’m not getting it. Could you assist me, please?:

    I’ve copied the followin code in the “Aditional CSS” editor of the Theme customizer:

    body.customer-area-active .cuar-css-wrapper {
    @import (less) “quiz-maker/public/css/animate.css”;
    @import (less) “quiz-maker/public/css/quiz-maker-public.css”;
    @import (less) “quiz-maker/public/css/rating.min.css”;
    @import (less) “quiz-maker/public/css/theme_elegant_dark.css”;
    @import (less) “quiz-maker/public/css/theme_elegant_light.css”;
    @import (less) “quiz-maker/public/css/theme_rect_dark.css”;
    @import (less) “quiz-maker/public/css/theme_rect_light.css”;
    @import (less) “quiz-maker/quiz/quiz-maker-block.css”;

    It return me an error “Expected RBRACE at line…”

    Thanks for all.


    Hi all!

    I am aware of my shortcomings regarding web development and CSS, so I would greatly appreciate if you could guide me to implement this proposed solution.

    Thank you very much in advance.



    You will need to learn how to use LESS (a language above CSS) in order to compile the above scripts to proper CSS. You will find lots of tutorials about LESS.

    Once compiled to CSS, you will need to include it into your theme by the method of your choice.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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