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    I have installed WP Customer Area with Authentifcation and Conversation plugins.
    But when I go to My Pages or My Files I have a Sharethis section whereas Sharethis isn’t installed on my WP.
    How can I remove it ?




    This is most probably part of your theme or from another plugin, we do not have anything about share this. Please contact the theme developers to check.


    You were right ! Sorry.

    Another question please, when I insert an embeded Youtube code in a Page, the video has a limited size, I can change size.
    How can I fix it ?



    I will let Thomas answer that one, he is the frontend guy. This could take a couple of days though as he is currently on holiday with limited access to the Internet.

    Thomas Lartaud

    Hi @fredericairugby-com

    How did you insert your youtube video?

    Did you try with the WP embed shortcode?



    Ok thank you it works now.

    Thomas Lartaud

    You’re welcome !



    When I’m trying to add a Google forms page in My Pages the form is in a small size.
    I using this code :

    <iframe src="


    Thanks for your answer.

    Thomas Lartaud


    You can easily fix this by adding some custom CSS somewhere in your theme (your child theme style.css file, or maybe your theme options in a custom CSS box)

    body.customer-area-active .cuar-css-wrapper iframe.googledocs {
    width: 100%;
    height: 540px;

    I recommend you to add a class to your iframe because all the iframes shouldn’t get the same height. It depends on what they include.

    <iframe src="" class="googledocs"></iframe>

    Best regards.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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