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    Hi, I’m using WPML and having a problem with switching between languages when using your customer area. My client needs their site in English, German and Chinese.

    On the surface it looks like WPCA works great with WPML until you discover the issue I’m reporting.

    Your plugin actually created 3 distinct sets of the 10 admin pages that it needed (such as a Customer Area in English, German, Chinese) which was great! I also get 3 distinct pages for each language where you define which WP page supports each WPCA functions (pages, files, account). I can easily create 3 menus for the WPCA in each language.

    My problem is that your plugin only saves 1 “Site Page” language setting at a time. In order words, I can define the “Site Pages” for English using the english WPCA page but if I define “Site Pages” in Chinese the English goes away.

    This appears to be something easy to fix and then I believe you would be 100% compatible.

    I looked through the forums before submitting this ticket.

    WPML works very hard with plugin vendors to help the plugins work seamlessly with WPML. I did extensive research before selecting WPML and it is the mostly widely used and recommend language plugin. I need to know asap if I can use WPCustomerArea with WPML because I am very close to finishing the project. If your plugin isn’t compatible with WPML I will have to find another plugin for a client area which will result in me loosing about a week in work.

    I would be happy to provide you with any additional information you would need to take a look at my site and resolve this issue. It seems like a win-win for you guys to be compatible with WPML.

    Thanks in advance for your help.



    Trying to give you as much info as I can up front. Really seems like it is a matter of saving 3 versions of the WPCA settings. You can see from this additional screen print that there are 3 versions of each WPCA admin page. You can also see the domain in the picture…



    This is not as simple as you think it is. This is a long standing issue we have with WPML. Others have tried to implement support but so far they did not succeed.

    Pages is part of the problem, but along with that are pretty URLs, custom rewrite rules, etc.

    Current workaround is to use other multi-lingual plugins which work using the multisite feature of WordPress. Or find an equivalent to WP Customer Area which suits your requirements.


    And by the way, WPML is the most widely spread because of historical reasons (first on the market, quite a few years back when multisite was not implemented). There are now lots of great alternatives to WPML.



    So is that your official response? I am genuinely disappointed if that is your final answer. WPML works flawlessly for me. I looked at several alternatives and am very happy with that choice.

    I suspected from the forum posts I read here that prior requests fell on deaf ears.

    I don’t know what issue or you’ve had with them but they seem genuinely interested in working with developers to make themes and plugins compatible.

    I will find another solution for a client document repository. You have a nice web page that sucked me in but your plugin is clunky and feels half baked. I don’t think your documention is stellar. Yea, your indifferece kind of pisses me off.

    I came across a quote that seems appropriate here. “Bad dancers blame their shoes.” Blaming WPML rather than fixing your bug is mind boggling.



    I don’t blame wpml.

    There are hundreds of major third party plugins in each field (wpml, ninja forms, gravity forms, woocommerce, acf, memberships, edd, etc.)

    We do not have the resources to implement and maintain compatibility with each and every one of them, follow their updates, etc. Humanly not possible.

    If wpml team is interested to build an addon to be compatible with our plugin we will be happy to help them. I guess they just have the same problem as we have: they cannot maintain compatibility with every other plugin.

    On top of that as you can guess with have a lot of other feature requests which we have prioritized.

    WP Customer Area is open source. If you feel this is something easy to implement, you should consider implementing it as an addon. We will be happy to let you sell it here and you could get a return on investment pretty fast.

    Sorry if that is not the answer you would expect.


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