Using Only The File Sharing Part Of The Plugin

    • emregoktepe
      # 2 days, 20 hours ago

      Hello again,

      I am going to use ARMember plugin for user profiles and login pages. So is there any possbility to use your plugin just for file sharing and nothing else?

      And if this question answer is yes, is there any possbility to show files directly in a line format like added date, the name of the file and download link thats all . but I want to show all added and assigned files to the user under each other like one on each line. Because right now it comes first with the name of the file and when you click it, it directs us to the file. What I want to show directly the files assigned to that user without the first click. I want to make something seen similiar to the attached photo. All I want to add download button or link isntead of  “Actions” part on the attached photo.

      And also why cant I remove the menu created by your plugin? I have changed the whole menu links but it never changes 🙂 Am I wrong at somewhere?

    • Thomas
      # 2 days, 19 hours ago


      Answered on (moderation pending, please wait a few moment if the post doesn’t show up).


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