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    I’ve noticed that after a user (in this case, ‘customer’) uploads a file, they cannot see the file after clicking on the ‘my files’ tab. The only files they see are files that have been uploaded and allocated to them by the administrator.

    I’ve gone through the different permissions for private files, but can’t seem to work it out.

    Any ideas please?



    This is how this is supposed to work by default.

    You can either:

    – ask them to use the widget on the right side to list content they authored

    – uncheck the box « Hide contents created by the current connected user for listings related to File and its sub-pages (category archive, date archive, widgets…). » that can be found in the private files and private pages settings tabs.


    Thank you.

    Within the widget on the right side, I can see that a user can see other users under the ‘created by’ section, and thus able to view files created by other users. Is there a way for users to only see themselves and the administrator so that they can only see the content uploaded by themselves and the admin (if the admin content is allocated to them of course).

    I’ve gone through the private file capabilities settings and can’t seem to find an option that relates to this specifically.




    That widget only lists authors which have published content for that user. So if just himself and the admin publish content for him, he will only see them.

    If you want to change that behaviour, you can have a look at the widget source code and implement some custom code.

    File: customer-area\src\php\core-classes\widget-content-authors.class.php

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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