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    Nouveau Topia

    Good morning

    For a client of mine, I need to add a Woocommerce Shop to their existing internal portal. The portal is currently running the latest version of WordPress, Woocommerce as well as WP Customer Area. We furthermore have a range of the premium add ons running on the portal.

    As soon as I activate Woocommerce, the entire portal stops working and files show as blank pages.

    Are you perhaps aware of compatibility issues with Woocommerce? And if so, are there code snippets or add ons I can use to overcome this issue?

    If not, do you perhaps have a list of eCommerce plug ins that WP Customer Area is compatible with?

    Thank You

    Thomas Lartaud


    Blank pages usually means there is a PHP error.

    Can you look into your php-errors.log file on your server and paster the errors here ?



    WooCommerce works nicely with our plugin. The only gotcha is that you need to rename the edit account page to something else (else WC intercepts it and treats it as its own edit account page).


    Nouveau Topia

    Hi, thank you for your replies and my apologies for only getting back to you now.

    I tried to log the php errors, but seem to be battling with this.

    I have tried a range of things, but it seems Woocommerce is definitely what stops WP Customer Area to work.

    The only thing that loads on the page is the file title, main menu and breadcrumbs. The rest of the page is blank.

    If I look at the code, it does not even load the code needed to display the content on the page.

    What other information can I give you that might assist me in resolving this?


    Can you try a default theme such as twenty twelve for instance?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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