What’s new in WP Customer Area 6.1?

5 May 2015

We are happy to release today WP Customer Area 6.1, a good upgrade to your favorite WordPress solution to publish protected content to your users. 6.1 focuses mainly on making administrator’s life easier, introducing event logging and a better administration panel.

How to update?

Unlike 6.0 which was a major release, 6.1 should not break anything. However, if you have installed any add-on, they most probably have been updated too. Please download all the latest versions from your account page.

You can then follow the usual update procedure as explained in the documentation

Protect post types

We’d like to introduce a brand new add-on which will broaden the scope of WP Customer Area and allow protecting custom post types created by third-party plugins. You have most probably wished that you could use advanced private publishing features with your favorite gallery or FAQ plugin. When used with the new shortcodes from WP Customer Area 6.1, you will be able to really build taylored content lists for the current user!


This has been a highly requested feature for quite some time: we have added a few shortcodes to display the navigation menu, to list protected content, etc. You can see everything in the documentation page about shortcodes. You will now be able to create really custom pages for your private area.

Cleaner administration menu

As you can see on the picture below, our administration menu had become cluttered and lacked structure to make it easy to find what you actually needed.  Something had to be done about it. We have broken the menu into 4 blocks:

  • The page about the plugin to get links to news, documentation, support, etc.
  • A block featuring all the private content types managed by the plugin (files, pages, conversations, etc.)
  • A block featuring all the owner types managed by the plugin (groups)
  • And a last block of interest to administrators with logs, status, etc.

As you will also notice, the plugin settings have found their way under the WordPress settings menu, they are not featured anymore in the main plugin menu. Finally, to keep all the shortcuts to create protected content, manage categories or access a specific settings tab in a single click, we have kept the admin bar menu as it was before. That menu allows nesting submenus so there was no reason to change it.

The new menu is cleaner
The new menu is cleaner

Filtering private content

Listing pages for private content were simply just like any post listing page in WordPress, with just a few extra columns. You have been a lot to request additional filters to be able to search content by owner, by author, etc. We heard you and you now have a rather advanced search panel for all the content types.

Content filtering in WP Customer Area 6.1
Searching protected content is now much easier


As an administrator, a business manager or someone moderating a collaborative platform, it is essential to be able to see which events occured in the system. We have introduced an event logging page to allow seeing what happened on the private content:

  • Someone changed the owner of a private page
  • Somebody viewed a private page
  • See who downloaded a private file
  • etc.

We currently log quite a few important events, but the base is solid and we will be able to log many more events in the future as you deem them important.

Event logging in WP Customer Area 6.1
Event logging in WP Customer Area 6.1

Other features and bug fixes

WP Customer Area 6.1 contains many more changes and improvements, you can see that from the changelog.

We hope you’ll appreciate this new release and that you will keep helping us to improve it by sending your suggestions, bug reports and feature requests. Follow us on Twitter, stay in touch, and tell us how you feel about 6.1.