What’s new in WP Customer Area 6.2?

7 September 2015

We are happy to release today WP Customer Area 6.2, with a much awaited rewrite of the private file attachements and no less than 2 brand new add-ons. That makes your favourite client portal plugin for WordPress even more powerful and easy to use.

How to update?

Just like 6.1, 6.2 should not break anything. However, if you have installed any add-on, they most probably have been updated too. Please download all the latest versions from your account page.

You can then follow the usual update procedure as explained in the documentation.

Main changes in 6.2

Without going into more details, we have closed 22 bugs and features requests in this version. In this version, we decided to focus mainly on one area which had been left untouched since the beginning: attachements to private files.

First of all, we have improved the settings page in order to reflect our recommandations to secure your private file attachments. The path to the file storage is now a setting, and the plugin tries to let you know if anything seems unsecure with that storage path.

Then, and this will be what you will like most, we have given some UX love to the file upload mechanism: say hello to drag and drop, adding a file will be easier than before and for those uploading big files, they will now be able to watch the progress as the file is getting sent to your server.

Enhanced Files

Enhanced Files is a new add-on which takes our improvements even further. You will be able to:

  • link multiple attachments to the same private file
  • edit the captions for the attachments if you don’t want to show only the file name
  • automatically display a file type icon in front of the attachment link
Automatically add file type icons in front of the custom caption

Smart Groups

Smart groups is another approach to user groups. Members are not directly assigned to the group, but the group rather defines criterias which will be used to fetch users on demand.

If you ever felt tired of adding and removing the user groups and feel it is high time to automate this, Smart Groups if the add-on you have been missing.

Example given: creating a group based on email address domain

Other add-ons

The Authentication Forms add-on has been updated to allow email login in addition to username login.

The Tasks add-on has been greatly improved and the interface to manage the tasks is now much more user-friendly.

On to 6.3

We hope you’ll appreciate this new release and that you will keep helping us to improve it by sending your suggestions, bug reports and feature requests. Follow us on Twitter, stay in touch, and tell us how you feel about 6.2.

Thanks again for your everyday support, your kind reviews on wordpress.org, this is what keeps us going.