What’s new in WP Customer Area 6.3?

30 November 2015

WP Customer Area 6.3 is now available and we are happy to introduce a brand new add-on to publish invoices for your clients.

How to update?

6.3 should not break anything if you have 6.2 working nicely. However, most of our add-ons have had an update, so if you have installed any of them, please download their latest version from your account page.

You can then follow the usual update procedure as explained in the documentation.

Main changes in 6.3

Without going into all the details, we have closed in total 34 issues and feature requests for the main plugin as well as the existing add-ons. As the plugin’s audience is largely composed of small companies and freelancers looking for an affordable and simple way to offer a private area to their clients, we thought it would be nice if they could also get more CRM features built-in.

This is how we started to add more customer data such as addresses, and of course, created the new invoicing add-on to make it simple both for the professional and the client to publish or view invoices.

Invoicing add-on

Invoicing has been an add-on we wanted to release for quite some time. Here it is finally, we all the basic features you may want from an invoicing software: taxes, discounts, multiple items, etc. As per our philosophy, we have not yet developped more advanced features, we count on you to tell us what is missing the most and we will update the add-on soon with the most requested features.

The invoice editor
The invoice editor

The invoice shown to the client
An invoice as shown to the client

User addresses

Built-in CRM features have been a request since long. The invoicing add-on is one of them. Another feature we have built in the main plugin is the ability to store contact information for the users. Having the information is the first step towards a proper and upcoming customer listing, with more relevant information than the one shown by default on the WordPress users screen.

Additional data linked to user profiles
Additional data linked to user profiles

Projects add-on

The projects add-on has seen a good amount of refactoring to enhance the code, and fix a few issues. On top of that, we have added a field to projects where you can add guest users who should be able to see the project too. Finally, we have added an option to synchronize the project’s progress with the task lists completion.

Projects can now have guest users

So, what’s next?

We hope that you will enjoy these new features and bug fixes. The next release will be 7.0 and we have made good progress on a full redesign of the frontend interface. That work should enhance usability, compatibility with third-party themes and open the way to brand new premium themes from our beloved frontend developer Thomas.