Why some add-ons have changed names?

13 February 2015

Some of you who are already familiar with WP Customer Area and its add-ons will have noticed that some names have changed. We were completly re-branding WP Customer Area – noticed that WP which found its way in the plugin name too? – so we took that opportunity to rename some add-ons which names where not as informative as we wanted them.

Extended permissions Additional owner types
Login & register forms Authentication forms
Collaboration Front-office publishing

For example, the “extended permissions” add-on was not at all about permissions, rather about allowing to publish content towards groups and roles (what we refer to as “owner” of a private content). Collaboration was also not really clear and too restrictive: we now have a whole collaboration bundle which indeed focuses on the collaborative aspects, but what that add-on really was doing was to add a front-end interface to publish content.

Small things do matter to us too, and our focus this time was to enhance the website, documentation and clarity of the WP Customer Area eco-system.