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      Hi there,

      I’m experiencing an issue with Divi Compatibility. Please check the screenshots below:


      BEFORE UPGRADING (everithing’s ok)
      (Customer Area 7.10.6 – Divi Compatibility 1.1.1)



      (Customer Area 8.0.4 – Divi Compatibility 3.0.1)



      I haven’t do anything but upgrading the plugin and the add-on

      As you can see, it seems no css is loaded with the plugin
      the checkmark for the WP Customer Area is still on:



      I also tried purging all cache and turning on and off the “static css files generation” in Divi. Nothing’s changed

      Do you still experience that issue with Divi?


      Thank you very much, bye!

    • Thomas
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      Are you using the DIVI Theme builder? (not the DIVI page builder, I mean the DIVI Theme builder)

      In any case, could you please try to apply this fix? (open the given file, remove the corresponding red lines, and add the green ones instead).

      Do not hesitate to tell me if it worked so we can release a fix ASAP.



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