Integration with Elementor

    • anabella.fp
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      Hi, I would like to use Elementor to build my clients dashboard.

      I was thinking about using Elementor Theme Builder to do that, but apparently Elementor doesn’t recognize WP Customer Area?


      Any thoughts?

    • Thomas
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      # il y a 2 mois et 2 semaines


      Elementor doesn’t recognize WP Customer Area: What does that mean? What would you expect exactly? I’ve never tried Elementor + WP Customer Area, I wouldn’t see any need for that.
      For me, Elementor should be used for rendering page layouts, not post contents, but I might be wrong in some cases.

      However, if you try to add Elementor’s widgets or third-party plugins’ elements into the area, you’ll need to check that code snippet: Disable CSS resets and allow integration of third party plugins

      This would allow an external CSS component to be correctly integrated into your private area.


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