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    • lisa.baldrati
      # il y a 7 mois
      I would like to know if it is possible to insert files within the pages as private content.
    • Thomas
      Maître des clés
      # il y a 7 mois


      • You can upload images when editing a private page from the front-end (with the front-office publishing add-on), and with the advanced rich editor option enabled in WPCA settings
      • You can also consider the Projects add-on which creates a kind of grouped contents page, where you can attach any of our private content (privates pages/files, conversations, task lists, invoices)
      • You can also directly upload some media from the standard admin UI, but it should not be compatible and editable from the front-end then
      • You can use your favorite page builder and the files embedding features included in it
      • You can use the embed shortcode to display any content from popular streaming websites


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