“Send file” with ACF integration

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      Hi, I added three fields in the Send file page and I want to import the values in it outside the plugin. One way to get this could be through the correspondent email placeholder, but it doesn’t appear in the list Available Placeholders (/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=wpca-settings&tab=cuar_notifications).

      Is it possible to export all the values in the “send file” form page (e.g.: Author, file URL, Title, description, ACF fields, time stamp)? Which ways are available to get these data?

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      I think that you can use the {{post_meta,my_meta}} placeholder.

      Let’s say your field slug is file_upload, you might try this: {{post_meta,file_upload}}

      However, it depends where you want to use this. Placeholders actually work for notifications.

      If you need that anywhere else, simply use ACF get_field() function.


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      Thank you, it’s working fairly. Unfortunately the file pages aren’t displaying in the correct way. I attach a screenshot to make it clear.

      the website is running Enfold theme, but it’s set to override it’s theme with native Cuar’s one.

      shortly, it seems that the metadata are sharing the same container with the basic info, printing one on each other.

      what could fix this?

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      Please, just wrap all your fields into a “group” field and it should fix your issue. We are using “Group” fields to render Panels.


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