What happens to users / customers when you sync staging to production?

    • janegrafton
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      I have a staging and a production website. I want to install the plugin on my staging website and set it up. Then, I want to sync to production and have customers (partners actually) register for access to a partner portal and retain those users on the production website. When I sync from staging to production, I do not want to loose those users. Can you support this with your plugin? How?

      Thanks in advance

    • Vincent Mimoun-Prat
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      We are using regular WordPress tables.

      Users are regular WP users (wp_users table).

      Our private posts are regular WP posts (wp_posts table, the ones with post_type starting with « cuar_ »)

      And the rest is just options and meta (user_meta and post_meta).

      As a consequence, any decent migration tool should be fine to do the job. For instance WP Migrate DB.


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