Will this work for an events production company?

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      We’re looking to introduce a client area for our event production business.

      Our core service is entertainment/a band for weddings (although we do other events too) and we need an area to both capture data/info from the client and also to provide certain documents, contract sign-off etc.

      • customise client area with photo of the couple/client
      • capture info such as dates/venue/music list/requests/timings, itinerary for the day with times/dietery requirements, custom notes (for both client and us)
      • back office notes/fields (not to be seen by client)
      • document repository for us to provide documents) as well as a client upload area
      • alerts/notifications for us and client on update as well as x days before [date] for some required info
      • locked fields after submission (manual lock by us & x days before date)
      • contract acceptance would be a nice to have
      • another nice to have would be to create a ‘pack’ from all the information provided in a downloadable form such as a PDF but in the style of a brochure

      What we do is very visual so we need to be able to easily customise the client area. I’ve had a look through the various extensions too and not sure which exactly we would need to achieve the above. Some advice would be appreciated.

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      Please test the base plugin, available for free and let us know what is missing for you.

      Basically our plugin can do all that, but depending on your project, you may have to either make compromises and/or add some custom PHP development.


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