From: 30,00 excl. VAT / year

Transform your private area into a great project management tool.

Projects - Personal
30,00 excl. VAT / year
Projects - Professional
45,00 excl. VAT / year
Projects - Developer
60,00 excl. VAT / year

Introducting project management

Perfectly integrated into your private area, this add-on allows you to organize your content into projects and restrict their access to authorized people only.

  • Assign people to your projects according to their role: guest, manager or participant
  • Basic project management features: track general progress, log important dates, etc.
  • Attach any kind of private content: pages, files, task lists, conversations, etc.
  • Global progress can automatically be set to follow the task lists completion percentage within that project

The Projects add-on provides an integrated and fully secure solution to manage your client projects.