Enhanced files

From: 40,00 excl. VAT / year

Supercharge the file attachment capabilities.

Enhanced files - Personal
40,00 excl. VAT / year
Enhanced files - Professional
60,00 excl. VAT / year
Enhanced files - Developer
80,00 excl. VAT / year


Enhanced Files will greatly improve the way files are attached to private content within WP Customer Area:

  • Attach more than a single file to a private document
  • Edit the file caption to display something else than the file name
  • Choose between one of the 4 bundled icon packs
  • Easily provide your own icon packs
  • Easily download all attachments with a single click

Multiple attachments

The base WP Customer Area plugin allows to create private file documents which can receive a single file attachment.

With Enhanced Files, you will be able to add as many attachments as you want to a single private file document.

Of course, this can be restricted to only some user roles and you can decide that users other than administrators may only add a limited number of attachments.

Editable captions

By default, all attachments are displayed using the file name itself. While this is convenient, you may want to show a more readable caption to your users.

Enhanced Files will allow you to do just that: click on the file title and you will be able to enter whichever text describes it better.

File icons

Have you ever wanted to show an icon to your users next to the file caption to better represent the file type?

Not only does Enhanced Files allow you to do it, but it provides no less than 4 icon packs by default, covering the most common file extensions.

Foobar Studio
Latest release
  • 3.1.0
  • July 21, 2023
  • PHP 5.6+
  • WordPress 5.6+
Tested up to
  • PHP 7.3
  • WordPress 6.2.2
Personal license
  • Use it for a lifetime
  • Included updates for 1 year
  • Deploy on a single website
Professional license
  • Use it for a lifetime
  • Included updates for 1 year
  • Deploy on up to 5 websites
Developer license
  • Use it for a lifetime
  • Included updates for 1 year
  • Deploy on unlimited websites