How to remove some fields from the user profile?

If you want to remove the description field, for instance, you can simply remove it from the array:

function custom_cuar_remove_some_profile_fields($fields) {
    return $fields;
add_filter('cuar/core/user-profile/get_profile_fields', 'custom_cuar_remove_some_profile_fields');

If you want to find the IDs of the profile fields:

  • open Chrome and its page inspector CTRL + SHIFT + I
  • select the field you want to identify CTRL + SHIFT + C
  • look for a class that looks like cuar-field-id-{identifier} where {identifier} is the ID of your field
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Finding profile fields IDs on Chrome

Removing address fields

function custom_cuar_disable_addresses( $addresses ) {
    return $addresses;
add_filter( 'cuar/core/address/user-addresses', 'custom_cuar_disable_addresses' );

Then, if you want to remove the Address tab, you’ll need to customize the template customer-area/src/php/core-addons/customer-account-edit/templates/customer-account-edit-content.template.php.