Can this be done / What do I need?

    • ShannonTJ
      # 1 year, 7 months ago


      I have a WP site (hosted on Also have WPForms plug-in if that makes any difference.

      I’d like a client area where clients can view resources (all clients), reporting pages specific to only their project, and then the leader of a group might have pages only for them, like more granular reports, invoices, etc.

      I’m using Airtable for project tracking, and general data management.  In the pages for each group/project, are the pages able to be modified to, say, allow an iFrame view of the database, or display information that was obtained from Airtable?

      Likewise, on some of these pages I may have forms so they can update project info. Can I embed a WPForm on private pages w/out conflicts?

      Thanks in advance!

      Shannon TJ

    • # 1 year, 6 months ago


      You can embed those forms, however you may have to tweak styles to get a perfect display.

      Best is to try it, you only need the base plugin, which is free.


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