Content based on product bought

    • daniele
      # 7 months, 3 weeks ago

      Dear support,

      Is it possible to show content based on the product that the user has bought? (on a WooCommerce store).

      For example:

      User A has bought device X, and can see device X user manual.




    • Thomas
      # 7 months, 2 weeks ago


      Sorry for the delay.

      Not out of the box sorry. This would require a bit of custom development.

      But, if you have some development knowledges, this could be an idea:

      With the help of the Smart Groups add-on, I think you could be able to do something. I imagine that you can use the custom fields criteria query in order to create groups related to your products. Basically you’ll need to:

      Create a code snippet hooked on a filter/action from WooCommerce, fired when a purchase is completed, and use the update_user_meta() function to create a user_meta including an array of the purchased products (an example here). Then simply use that user_meta in the custom fields criteria panel to automatically create groups.
      Then you’ll be able to assign contents (your manuals and docs, but even projects, tasks, etc..) to the automatically generated groups of users that purchased a particular product.
      For instance, if you own the conversations add-on, I imagine that you then create a generic community discussion page, assigned to a group containing all the users who purchased the same product.

      I hope that helps.


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