conversations & files – several questions

    • thomas
      # 5 months, 2 weeks ago

      We purchased multiple addons : conversations, owner restriction, additional owner types, enhanced files.
      Let’s say we have 2 users categories : power users (teachers) and standard users (students)
      We’d like the following:
      1/ when a power user creates a conversation to a standard users group, the users in the group should be able to reply, but user A should not see other users’ replies. Only power users should see all replies.
      2/ is there any way to attach a file to a conversation ?
      3/ in files, is there any way for a standard user to publish a new file (to power users only) from the front-office ?
      Thank you !

    • # 5 months, 1 week ago


      1/ The add-on does not work like that. However, you should be able to hide replies with PHP using the template system documentation. Just override the template responsible for showing the replies.

      2/ Currently not, sorry

      3/ This is done using the front-office publishing add-on


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