Data Base Table Billing Address

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      In which database table are the billing address values ​​stored?

      How can I automatically copy the values ​​of an address created with ACF to the fields of the WPCA billing address?

    • Thomas
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      I don’t know sorry, since you probably want to perform a task when filling up an ACF form, you should maybe ask ACF support for that, so they can point out the best hook & filters you can use to perform a task once a form is filled.

      Then, you can take a look at our addresses class to know how the data is structured, so you can process the data programmatically.

      I hope that helps,

      Best regards.

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      In which database table are the billing address values ​​stored?

      To put you on tracks, the addresses are stored in the options table, with some particular key names. As Thomas said, have a look at the plugin source code to know exactly how the key is composed.

      We use the options table because we do not attach the address always to a user. It can be attached to a project, or user group for example. Hence we could not user the usermeta table.


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