If I buy the plugin, Can I use this automation?

    • desarrollo
      # 1 year, 7 months ago
      Is it possible to carry out the following process with the WP Area plugin?
      I am looking for a solution or plugin to automate the creation of files, that is:
      I want to create an automatic file that receives the username of a customer. I also want a pdf with the client username to be automatically created within the file.
      Is it possible to do this with this plugin?
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      ¿Es posible realizar el siguiente proceso con el plugin WP Area?
      Yo estoy buscando una solución o plugin para automatizar la creación de ficheros, es decir:
      Quiero crear un archivo automático que reciba el nombre de usuario de un cliente. También quiero que automáticamente dentro del archivo se cree un pdf con el nombre de usuario de cliente.

      ¿Es posible realizar esto con este plugin?


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    • Thomas
      # 1 year, 7 months ago


      The short answer is no. The long answer is yes, but not out of the box, only with custom development.

      However, as we always said, WP Customer Area is built to be extendable, but for technical requests like this one, the process requires development skills or that you hire a WordPress Developer.
      Not sure I exactly understand your actual case, but I’ll try to elaborate on the different solutions you have to automate private content creation.

      But first, one question, why are you trying to automate the creation of the file? Do you need to do it once, or do you need a feature that periodically creates a file every month? If you need it periodically and already have your PDF files locally, I would maybe recommend the second approach.

      First solution:

      We actually have a plugin in a beta testing state that allows you to create a JSON file (it’s like a CSV file but developer-oriented), and then import this JSON file to WP Customer Area, so it will automatically create the posts, add attachments, owners and others data based on your file. This process however requires that you manually or programmatically create this JSON file by yourself. We can send you this add-on if you need to try it.

      Second solution:

      Another approach would be useful, in case you need to periodically create a file for your client: Let’s say you are a company that wants to send invoices to its customers each month, and you want to automate that process.
      Let’s say you already have your own PDF invoices that you want to send to your client, you could:

      1. Create a CRONJOB that will call for a script each hour.
      2. Create that script and use our private files functions or even classes that you can access using cuar_addon().
      3. Write your script using our functions to fetch a folder from your site where you’ve dropped your invoices of the month. That script should then get the filename and use it as a title, and maybe get the user ID in the filename (using a RegEx), create the private file post, then move the PDF to the appropriate location in the secured storage folder.

      Also, as we actually have a beta plugin for the first solution, we can fully assist you with this solution if it matches your needs, and even add a feature you would need. However, for the second solution, we can only guide you or your developer through the useful function you could need, or add some hooks and filters so you can access some functions.

      I hope that helps.


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