Impossible to download private files

    • G.O.
      # 1 year, 5 months ago


      I set the plugin every step, assigning the appropriate permissions, but when I access the private area with a user and try to download a file private assigned tells me:

      Could not save C: \ Users \ XXXXX \ AppData \ Local \ Temp \ 0FKKCpbS.pdf.part because the source file could not be read.

      Please try again later, or contact your server administrator.

      This happens in Firefox. In Chrome it tells me that it cannot be downloaded with an “Error: Network error”, but if I press resume on the failed file, it downloads it.

      I tried on different computers in different locations and the problem is the same. It has proved my client from the facilities of it and has the same problem.

      What could be happening?


    • Thomas
      # 1 year, 5 months ago


      What is that path ? C: \ Users \ XXXXX \ AppData \ Local \ Temp \ 0FKKCpbS.pdf.part

      Is that the folder where you try to download the file to your computer? Could you please try another folder outside AppData? Maybe just inside C:\ for testing purposes?

      Also, could you make sure that this file has been correctly uploaded to the server? You can do that by connecting to your server through FTP, then take a look at the files stored in wp-content/customer-area/storage, download it, and see if you can correctly open it. If you can correctly download it and open it through FTP, it means that you have an Apache or Nginx misconfiguration on your server: The connection might close during the download, and generate a truncated/corrupted .part file.
      You should maybe take a look at your server’s logs in this case where you’ll probably find an associated error.


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