Invoicing add-on issues

    • stefanslavov
      # 1 year, 12 months ago


      Got couple of issues with the invoicing add-on.

      1. our customers names, items and etc. are written in Cyrillic alphabet. When pdf invoice is generated and downloaded all names, items and text written in Cyrillic letter appears with symbols like “???????”
      2. On the payment tab in admin area when you click on certain payment it only opens “edit payment”. If you update the payment you get the “view updated post”, but when click it open only blank post page.
      3. is there a way to implement the payments history inside the invoice pdf template?

      4. Is there a way for predefined items?

      Thanks in advance.

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      We are using the Html2Pdf library to produce the PDF files. Here is part of our code which initializes the html2pdf object.

      `$html2pdf = apply_filters('cuar/private-content/invoices/pdf/html2pdf-object', $html2pdf);
      $html2pdf->addFont('zapfdingbats', '', CUAR_PLUGIN_DIR . '/libs/php/html2pdf/vendor/tecnickcom/tcpdf/fonts/pdfazapfdingbats.php');`
      As you can see, we allow you to customize that object using a filter:
      function cuar_customize_html2pdf($html2pdf) {
          // Do anything you need with the $html2pdf object
          $html2pdf->addFont('yourfont', '', WP_CONTEN_DIR . '/path_to_your_font_folder/your_font.php');</pre>
      <pre>    $html2pdf->setDefaultFont('yourfont');</pre>
      <pre>    return $html2pdf;

      You can get the fonts from


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      2. I did not get what you mean.

      3. All HTML produced by the plugin can be customized. Invoice templates are no exception. You can refer to the template system documentation

      4. Currently not, sorry.

    • stefanslavov
      # 1 year, 11 months ago

      Thank you for the reply. It was very useful.

      Regarding question 2: here are some pics. So again: when you click on the payment record it opens the edit menu of the payment itself. then if you make change to the payment and click on “update payment” you get the “Post draft updated. Preview post”. then when you click on the preview post on only load a blank post with invoice number.


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