Notifications issues

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      Hey there,

      From testing, it looks like the WP users (authors) are not receiving any email notifications (notifications plugin installed and box checked before publishing page).

      Also, how is it determined which admin will get the notifications? My client has multiple admin accounts and we’d like it to go to a specific admin when a client drops in a file, etc. I see there is a FROM dropdown to add in who the email comes from. Why is there not a TO selection option? Doesn’t this seem like common sense for a notification plugin to be able to select WHO is goes to?

      Please help me out and if we can do this over email that would be great.



    • Thomas
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      First, you can check the logs in Customer Area > Logs. You’ll be able to see if a notification has been sent by our plugin.

      Also, how is it determined which admin will get the notifications?

      All administrators receive the notifications. If you want to change that behavior, that can be done programmatically (we don’t add settings options for such minor things because we don’t want to overcharge our setting panel). However, I’ll add this snippet to our site 😉

      Check our code snippets documentation and add this snippet to your site:

       * Customize list of admin users that should receive notifications
       * @param $admins array Administrator IDs
       * @return array Modified admins IDs
      function wpca_notifications_administrator_users_ids($admins)
          $admins = [ 1, 48 ];
          return $admins;
      add_filter('cuar/notifications/administrator-recipient-ids', 'wpca_notifications_administrator_users_ids');

      In this example, 1 and 48 are IDs of our admins users. Feel free to change those IDs there.


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