Owner column in Private Files page : more data to better user identifying

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      Hi there,

      since usernames are often very similar and users have not set Name and Surname, in the list in back-end Private Files page (/wp-admin/admin.php?page=wpca-list%2Ccontent%2Ccuar_private_file) it would be very useful having more data in the Owner column, such as Company Name and entire Email Address.

      I think that the best thing would be if all those data were displayed (not alternatively), to make more easy identifying the user.

      So, for example:

      User – John Smith (info@acme-xyz.com) – Acme XYZ Inc.

      instead of the current (as I see):

      User – info12


      User – John Smith


      Thank you for your attention, have a great one!



    • Thomas
      # 2 years, 11 months ago


      We can’t default to this behavior. Not all people want to show user’s emails to others users.

      However, did you take a look at our template system documentation? I think this is the way to go. You should be able to edit templates and add additional data, showing up the exact way you want them to.

      I hope that helps,

      Best regards.

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