payroll distribution among workers

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      Hello. I have the following need. Being able to distribute the payroll of the workers in pdf in a single zip file.
      Upload this file to the wp customer area, and have the system look for the username, which will be the same as the name of the pdf of your payslip, deliver it to you and notify you that your payslip is available. It would mean a great saving of time when sending the payroll, and it would avoid human errors in the distribution.
      Thank you very much for your attention.

    • Thomas
      # 1 year, 2 months ago


      Unfortunately, we don’t have any add-on currently doing that kind of job.

      The closest you could actually get is our FTP Mass Import add-on, which would allow you to upload your documents via FTP. Then, you’ll get a new page in admin > tools > FTP Mass Import that allow you to import multiple documents at once for a single user.

      Some users achieved a differrent process, base on a custom CRON script, where the server periodically check for files in the FTP folder, and then directly create a private post depending on, for instance, the filename, but we don’t have an official add-on for that, and it is not planned, sorry.

      We’ll suggest that you hire a developer from your region to achieve that, we’ll be happy to guide him through the usefull hooks and functions needed to perform that.


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