problem with sub-template and divi

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      I use wp customer area (last version) with divi 4.

      I assigned divi template style to the customer area pages and files, and actived the divi compatible addon too.

      I have good template for all templates (see capture 1) but not for this one (the second capture) : it not use the divi template like the others.

      I think it’s a sub-template but i can’t assign it in divi builder… I don’t see it. I suppose it’s a “generated” template with js and i don’t know how to use my divi style.

      please help me



    • Thomas
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      This template looks strange.  It shouldn’t show like that.
      You say you are using the DIVI Page Builder, ok, but are you also using the DIVI Theme Builder? I think we have a compatibility issue with that last one.

      On the second screenshot, you also have missing parts in the content because you deactivated the single header and footer parts in the settings.

      Could you please try to check if you can deactivate the DIVI Theme Builder for WPCA post_types? You can keep the DIVI page builder, this one should work.


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