Problem with the conversations add-on

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      Hello, we have a problem with the conversations add-on.

      When a user replies to a new message in a conversation and the message is posted, they can’t reply again if they don’t go back because the reply box is not fully visible on the screen, it falls outside the wrapper. The wrapper is not resized.
      If I disable use styling: Includes WP Customer Area styling to provide a style sheet for the plugin. It looks very ugly at the design level, but the resizing of the wrapper works correctly and the user can answer as many times as he wants without going back.

      Wordpress Version: 6.1.1
      Theme: OceanWP Version 3.3.6
      WP Customer Area – Conversations – Version 5.0.3
      PHP Version: 7.4.33

      I hope I have explained myself well. Attached screenshots.
      I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you very much.

    • Thomas
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      You are right, I saw that issue recently. I’ll fix that as soon as possible and let you know.

      Best regards.

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