Protect post types HIde post from Post page

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      Hello, i am trying to hide a post from a user in the post page, using your plugin, but i can hide only the content of the post and not the whole post (plus post title from the Main post page)

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      Do you see the same issue with one of the default WordPress themes?

      Which type of post are you trying to hide? Custom post from other plugins?

    • Thomas
      # 9 months, 2 weeks ago


      It is heavily not recommended to try to hide the default “post” CPT from WordPress, since many plugins are manipulating their posts, meaning that they won’t care about WP Customer Area restrictions.

      The Protect Post Types add-on is made to make all contents private from a given CPT, and add assignments boxes to them, which could allow to create a new section into your private area, but this is absolutely not recommended with the “post” default WordPress CPT.


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