Subtheme less files compilation

    • Alicia Chalin
      # 1 year, 4 months ago


      I ‘d like to customize frontend style with a sub-theme. And instead of changing all occurrences of the primary color in style.min.css, I’d like to change “@cuar-color-primary” variable in color-config.less file and recompile style.min.css.

      But I can’t recompile _style.less because of “@framework-path” variable whose path can’t be resolved. And I can’t find help in documentation.

      What file does this path refer to? Is it possible to recompile style.min.css? Or is there a way to simply change, for example, primary color?

      Thank you

    • Thomas
      # 1 year, 3 months ago


      I do not recommend doing that. Those variables are made for internal development, not for personal customization. You would need an access to our CSS framework to do that, which is actually a private repository. So…

      I would suggest picking up the sub-theme that best fit your needs from the Design Extras add-on, then create a Custom WP Plugin (or load a CSS stylesheet from your theme functions.php file, since color changes are more a theme-related feature), and write some simple CSS rules from there. I would also accept a request to create a new Design Extras color scheme if needed, but I don’t recommend creating a sub-theme, especially if it’s only to change some colors. It could be hard to maintain for you when we add new components (in that case, you’ll get graphic issues).

      Best regards.

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