use a builder for creating pages

    • lisa.baldrati
      # 4 months, 2 weeks ago

      I would need to know if, while creating pages in the reserved area, I can use my “Muffin” builder. If so, how?

    • Thomas
      # 4 months, 1 week ago


      You can use this code snippet (also, check our code snippets documentation).

      This code snippet will :

      • Disable our CSS resets (some graphic issues from your theme may appear on your site)
      • But, this will allow other plugins to be inserted into the area, such as shortcodes from WP Bakery, or any other page builder

      Note: Keep in mind that components from Page Builders are not protected. If you insert a media from a Page Builder, it will be stored in the uploads directory (not in the WPCA secured storage folder), so the inserted medias won’t be as secured as private files.

      Important: Page Builders might be used to compose WPCA private pages. However you SHOULD NOT enable your page builder on WPCA pages where you see a customer-area shortcode, else, the page builder will affect our HTML structure and will probably break the layout.


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