Set the uploader as the owner

    • fmoretto
      # 3 months ago

      We have proceeded with the standard configuration of the private area but there’s a problem.
      When a user upload a file, we would like that the owner of the file is automatically set as the uploader (and maybe, if possible, the administrator).
      How can we do that?
      Moreover, when the user upload his file and choose the owner, we noted that he can choose any user registered on the platform, this could be problematic in privacy terms. Can we somehow exclude the other registered users from the owner drop down menu choice?
      Thanks in advance

    • Thomas
      # 3 months ago


      This is easily doable within the free version of the plugin. Please, check this post for reference and scroll down to the section titled New ability to hide the owner selection part.

      If you set the administrator as the default owner, and a user uploads a file, he will remain author of the post, and the post will be assigned to the administrator.

      You might also want to check this FAQ if you want your users to see both authored and assigned files in the My Files page (instead of separates pages).

      Best regards.

    • fmoretto
      # 3 months ago

      Hi Thomas,
      Thank you for your quick reply!
      I followed the instructions of both links but a problem persist: the user cannot see the files of which is an author. Only the admin, the owner automatically selected, can see and interact with the files.

    • # 2 months, 3 weeks ago


      Can the regular user see files which are assigned to him by an administrator? If not, please make sure you have not forgotten to set the proper permissions for the roles other than administrator.


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