What’s new in WP Customer Area 7.7

We are happy to announce a huge update as of WP Customer Area 7.7.0. It’s mostly about improvements to our ACF Integration add-on, but not only that! Since our 7.5.0 version, there have been many improvements in the design, but also many patches: 11 new features and over 21 issues fixes and tweaks. For instance, we optimized our code to allow a faster page load speed. Check our article and changelogs below for more information.

User experience

Many of you have let us know that it is embarrassing to have on pages of content, only the posts assigned to the connected user. We listened to you, and we added on the pages “My files”, “My pages” (etc.) the possibility to add the contents created by the current connected user.

We did not want to make this change a breaking change for some of you. So, we decided to add a new filter that will allow you to display on the same listing page, the content authored by, and assigned to the current user. It is actually affecting all the contents listings pages such as “My Files”, “My Files by category”, the “Dashboard” and so on… We plan a new update for the next incoming weeks to also allow that change to be effective for the widgets and the search add-on.

Check the code snippet Allow contents listings to also show private contents that are authored by the current connected user in order to understand how you can activate this feature

ACF Integration

We made some huge updates on the ACF Integration add-on, its design and its compatibility with the popular ACF plugin from Elliot Condon. We made almost all the fields compatibles, except 4 of them (link, wysiwyg, color picker and user fields), and we re-wrote all the styles from ACF to make the fields compatibles with our design-extras add-on.

The first great news is that you can now use this add-on to add some fields to registration page. Plus, it is compatible with the authentication forms add-on, which will allow you to create advanced and unique registration pages.

The add-on is also made compatible with all our other private content types, so that you can add custom fields to projects, conversations and more. You can configure them in no-time, and they will be displayed automatically. It is also compatible with the front-office publishing add-on, so you can even add some new fields to the edit post forms on the frontend. Amazing huh?

We have updated the documentation for this add-on that which will help you to configure and understand how it is working: how to setup the Advanced Custom Fields integration add-on.

Full changelog

= 7.7.0 (2019/08/19) =

  • New: support for ACF v5.8.3 (Warning: Older versions are not anymore compatible with our ACF Integration add-on)
  • New: allow “My private contents” to also display “authored by” contents on dashboard and pages such as “My files”, “My pages”, etc…
  • New: filter ‘cuar/core/page/query-disable-authored-by’ set to ‘true’ by default to disable contents “authored by” to be displayed on private content pages listings
  • New: filter ‘cuar/core/page/query-disable-authored-by?post_type=’ to prevent “authored by” contents to be displayed on specific private pages listings
  • Fix: url profile field that could not be used
  • Fix: filter ‘nav_menu_link_attributes’ parameters that could throw PHP errors on some themes
  • Fix: php warning showing up on contact form 7 admin page
  • Fix: widget accordion fancytree menu no more loading in some cases
  • Fix: php warning thrown when clicking the switch users dropdown
  • Tweak: design adjustments and enhancements
  • Tweak: update many translations
  • Tweak: speedup page loading by optimising some JS scripts

Add-on changes

  • ACF Integration – New: added compatibility with most of the ACF fields (Fields still incompatibles: link, wysiwyg, color_picker, user)
  • ACF Integration – Fix: edit-account and my-account pages not properly displaying because of a filter change in ACF (acfmatchlocation_rule)
  • Switch Users – Fix: missing select2 library that could happen in some cases
  • Design Extras – Tweak: Support for new styles from WP Customer Area 7.7.0 and ACF v5.8.3

= 7.6.0 (2018/12/14) =

  • New: support for ACF 5. ACF 4 is not compatible anymore with our ACF Integration add-on.
  • New: improve requirement checks when plugin is activated (PHP and WordPress versions)
  • New: plugin requires PHP 5.6 minimum
  • New: plugin requires WordPress 4.7 minimum
  • New: improved profile page – allow grouping of profile fields
  • New: show download progress on download all button for private files
  • Fix: download all button was not working in recent versions of Chrome
  • Fix: use getuserlocale instead of get_locale
  • Fix: payment form when using multiple gateways
  • Fix: remove use of WP***URL constants in favor of functions #315
  • Tweak: update frontend WYSIWYG editor
  • Tweak: update translations

Add-on changes

  • ACF Integration – New: support for ACF 5
  • Notifications – New: Add filter to allow filtering the IDs of the users who should receive the notifications targeted at administrators. Use filter ‘cuar/notifications/administrator-recipient-ids’ to customize.
  • Design Extras – Tweak: Support for new styles from WP Customer Area 7.6.0 and ACF v5.0.0
  • Collaboration – Tweak: update translations
  • Search – Fix: issue with form submission on Internet Explorer
  • All add-ons – Fix: remove use of WP***URL constants in favor of functions #315