What’s new in WP Customer Area 8.1

We are happy to announce a huge update as of WP Customer Area 8.1.0. We have a new FTP Mass Import add-on, but not only that! Since our 8.0.x versions, there have been many improvements in the translation system, but also many patches: 9 new features and over 24 issues fixes and tweaks. For instance, we optimized our add-on licensing system, we added some filters requested by users, added support for latest ACF version, fixed some issues with the categories widget, fixed some issues regarding recent PHP jQuery and Let’s Encrypt updates, and many more…

Full changelog

= 8.1.0 (2021/12/13) =

  • New: Support for new add-on: WP Customer Area – FTP Mass Import
  • New: Plugin will now use translations from WP official translation system
  • New: Plugin will now check if you have the required version of cURL and OpenSSL in order to validate the licenses
  • Fix: Content listings were not displaying authored content on the admin side if option “hide authored contents” was unchecked

Add-on changes

  • Notifications – New: Allow adding attachments to notifications via hook ‘cuar/notifications/attachments’
  • Design Extras – New: Support for WP Customer Area 8.1.0
  • ACF Integration – New: Support for ACF Version 5.11.x
  • ACF Integration – Fix: ACF Integration throwing a headers already sent error when using French translations

= 8.0.6 (2021/09/21) =

  • New: Option to show post titles in Settings > {Private content type} > Frontend Integration > Post Titles
  • Fix: Option slug was unset for Settings > {Private content type} > Frontend Integration > Content queries > Hide contents created by the current connected user
    WARNING: you’ll need to review your settings again for this option since we fixed a typo in the slug name
  • Tweak: Updated some french translations

Add-on changes

DIVI compatibility – Fix: Removed filter to show post titles by default, since there is now an option in settings for each content type

= 8.0.5 (2021/09/20) =

  • New: Add filters to the edit page base class to allow customizing default owners
    • cuar/private-content/edit/default-owners
    • cuar/private-content/edit/user-can-select-category
    • cuar/private-content/edit/user-can-select-owner
  • Fix: File’s categories hide empty categories option
  • Fix: jQuery un-compatibility that was preventing multiple checkboxes selection to work on capabilities screen
  • Fix: jQuery deprecated functions
  • Fix: Error message “Product ID missing”
  • Fix: Missing argument for filter nav_menu_css_class
  • Tweak: Hide single posts bordered box if content description is empty
  • Tweak: Make content authors widget compatible with Switch Users add-on

Add-on changes

  • ACF Integration – New: Support for ACF v5.10.2
  • Design Extras – Tweak: Support for new styles from WP Customer Area 8.0.5
  • Invoicing – Fix: Invoice single post template graphic issues
  • Owner restrictions – Fix: English string “Only himself” to “Only themselves”
  • All add-ons – Fix: jQuery deprecated functions
  • All add-ons – Fix: Update the way some constants are defined to be PHP5.6 friendly

= 8.0.4 (2021/04/23) =

  • Fix: License validation errors

= 8.0.3 (2021/04/19) =

  • Fix: Wrong support email address

= 8.0.2 (2021/04/19) =

  • Fix: Licence activation
  • Tweak: Remove some useless Libs

= 8.0.1 (2021/04/19) =

  • Fix: License activation issue
  • Fix: Update URL to download old WP Customer Area version

= 8.0.0 (2021/04/17) =

  • New: The add-on licensing system has been updated according to our new website
  • Fix: Issue with redirections loops
  • Fix: Issue where the area was displayed in multiple locations with some themes